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How to use gas spring correctly!

  • The accidental chair lift explosion panicked consumers, so why did the chair lift explode?How to prevent chair lifts from exploding?Let me explain.

 Lift chair, is the office crowd's favorite kind of chair, not only can adjust height Angle, but also has a very good comfort, has been favored by consumers, but it also has a little hidden trouble is the explosion, next I take you to see lift chair principle, lift chair explosion reason.

Chair lift because its can lift, high comfort, become the primary choice of many people in the office, he was able to lift is due to the chair accessories inside device of a pressure bar, the pressure rod is the main lifting device, it is a kind of gas and liquid as working medium, can play a role is to support, height adjustment, brake, cushion and Angle adjustment.Its basic principle is that the inside of a barometric rod is filled with nitrogen, and since there are tiny holes in the piston of the chair, the pressure of the gas at both ends of the piston is equal.Due to the different cross-sectional area of the both sides of the piston, in it is at the end of the piston rod and the other half have no, that is, under the action of gas pressure can be produced to the small area on one side of the pressure, is commonly said pressure of good elasticity, when people sit on it for the lift pump pressure, lifting shaft is gentle slowly decrease, slow speed is uniform, after the people left, there is no to press the elevator shaft, lift shaft is returned to the in situ.

This kind of formal chair lift, there are generally three circumstances may have an explosion:

1、One of the things that caused the chair lift to explode was that the nitrogen in the air pressure lever of the chair lift was not pure enough, which resulted in the explosion of the chair lift in high temperatures or in frequent use.

2、The second reason is that the material of the pneumatic rod used by the manufacturer in the production process is poor, or the container of the pneumatic rod is not strong enough.

3、The third reason is that the sealing on the chair seal is not tight, resulting in the outflow of gas, resulting in the chair lift explosion.

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